Holocure: Save the Fans!

Holocure For Windows

Holocure is an unofficial fan game developed by volunteer Hololive fans. It is a top-down action game inspired by "Vampire Survivors" and "Magic Survival" and is currently available for free.


HoloCure Download – How to Install it

  • Download Holocure Setup from above button.
  • Now Install it on your Windows PC.
  • Enjoy playing Holocure on your PC!

Additional Features


Unlock and play with 20 Hololive characters through Gacha(In-game Currency).

Unique Skills

Unique skills and special attacks for every character.


Unlock dozens of different weapons and passive items


Survive against classic Hololive characters and mascots

How to Download Holocure For Windows

  1. Go to the official site ( https://kay-yu.itch.io/holocure ).
  2. Download the zip file from the Download button at the bottom of the top screen.
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file. (There is no problem with the location)
  4. Click " HoloCure.exe " in the unzipped folder to start the game.

How to Update Holocure

  1. Go to the official site and download the zip file from the Download button.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  3. Uploading is completed by overwriting all the files in the unzipped folder over the files of the previous version.

How to play


The following questions are displayed at the start of the game.
  • Language (English OR Japanese)
  • player name
  • Whether to display other player's name on the leaderboard *In the current version, only player name can be set at this timing. Set it carefully.

Game mode

When you select a character, the following two game modes are displayed. Let's challenge the stage mode for the first time.
  • Stage Mode: The game ends when you defeat the boss.
  • Endless Mode: The game continues until the character dies.

How it works

  • Arrow keys: Move character
  • Z key: lock decision/attack direction
  • X key: cancel/activate a special skill
  • Enter: Pause the game and display the setting screen ( Pad setting method )

Weapon/Item Level Up

Weapons and items will be displayed when you get exp scattered on the ground. You can level up by selecting a weapon that is already equipped. Weapons that meet certain conditions can be upgraded to even more powerful collaboration weapons.

What are the Recommended specs for HoloCure?

No official recommendations have been provided. When you actually play it and it's slow, you may want to uncheck damage, visual effects, etc. from "Settings".

Does Holocure have an English version?

It supports both English and Japanese language. You can select the language to use from the setting screen.

The enter key does not work on the Golden Anvil

You can operate with Z: Confirm and X: Cancel.

Can I play with Pads?

Pads are not currently officially supported. There is a way to play with a pad using free software called JoyToKey. 

Is Holocure Available for MAC?

Currently, Holocure is only available for Windows Operating soon. Holocure may come soon for MAC Operating System.

When will Holocure be available for Android or iOS?

According to their official website, They have no plan to launch Holocure for Android or iPhone, or iPad. Hope we will see Holocure for Mobile in the future.