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Tier List

Holocure Tier List Information

Tier S HoloCure Characters — These are the best characters Holocure characters which are selected by us. You can use them in HoloCure from the early stages of the game to the late game.

Tier A HoloCure Characters — These characters are even and helpful in both the beginning phases of the game and during Boss fights.

Tier B HoloCure Characters — These Holocure characters are less proficient than their Level S and A partners, some of them have terrible weapons, and others have unremarkable capacities.

Tier C HoloCure Characters — These characters aren't excellent basically because of their beginning weapon, extraordinary capacity, or abilities. They for the most part battle against enormous quantities of adversaries on the double and little endlessly supervisor battles.

This is the Holocure Tier List which is created by us. These Characters by ranked by us by looking at various factors. We played all of these characters from the early stages to the end stages. We created this Holocure Tier list by playing the Holocure game ourselves. We also asked some Pro gamers of Holocure for the best characters suggestion. We looked to Holocure Tier List in Reddit and Discord.

Finally after looking at all the data, We created our best Holocare Character Tier List. This Holocure Tier List will keep improving as time pass. We also accept that this Holocure Character Tier is not 100% accurate so we are always ready for some improvements. You can send us your suggestion in our contact form.